Individual Counseling

You need time and a safe place to process through the challenges that life is throwing your way. My office is a place to do this without judgment, as you heal from the past, becoming stronger in the present and begin thriving as you move into your future. I incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities, specifically chosen to address your unique situation. I love to think outside the box to help you get unstuck.

Parenting and Families

Parenting is the hardest job in the world to do well. If you are struggling because things aren't going as you had envisioned, I can help. I support parents from prenatal and postpartum stress and disorders through parents of adult children and everything in between. You will be strengthened first as an individual and then empowered to make the changes in your family- changes that will impact generations to come.

Therapy for Women

Whether others have told you that your feminine sensitivities are weaknesses or you have been fighting against them yourself, the truth is the way your emotions, thoughts and hormones all work together are more super power than weakness. I specialize in understanding the intricacies of how a woman's mind and hormones effect her from a biological level so she can harness this superpower in her life. Learn more here.

A Collaborative Approach

You are a unique individual with your own challenges, hopes and dreams. I promise to always treat you as such. No two clients receive the exact same services in the exact same ways. Together we identify your goals, strengths,  obstacles and create a plan to overcome them. My approach is collaborative and dynamic, changing as appropriate throughout your journey. Some things that may be incorporated are: homework to work on between sessions, therapeutic exercises, self-reflection, challenging statements/moments, art or music, movement, games, and aromatherapy. I am trained in EMDR and believe it is a powerful therapeutic method for a variety of identified issues. I additionally incorporate a variety of other therapeutic modalities. This is your time, your experience, your journey. I am merely a mentor or guide, coming alongside you on your path until you are ready to spread your wings and fly on your own.

Whole Person Wellness

You are likely looking at this page because something is off in your life. Somewhere, you got off the path you want to be on and need to get back in balance. To do this, it is important that we look at wellness from a whole-person perspective. This is called a Biopsychosocial-Spiritual model. Together we will examine these areas and identify the areas that need healing and strengthening  to achieve a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.

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