Don't Settle for Surviving, THRIVE!

Something isn't working in your life, you've known it for a while and have just been "getting by,"  surviving, tolerating...but it is time to stop settling for that. I am guessing that is why you are here. You are ready to stop feeling that way, ready to find your way out of the yuck and into the life you are dreaming of. I am here to help you get there. Take some time to check out my website and schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation online today!



Counseling for Women

Counseling can help you and your loved ones overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. You can move from despair to hope. Working with an educated and trained therapist, moves you deeper than the conversations with friends and loved ones to the underlying issues. Through therapy or counseling, you can heal up old wounds, unhealthy patterns of thinking, unhelpful trauma responses and more! Whether you are looking for short-term, issue-specific help, or longer term support, counseling can be a great way to get you to the life you really want.

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Areas of Specialty

While I see clients for a wide variety of issues, every therapist has their areas of expertise. Some of mine are:

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Why Choose me?

There are countless therapists in the Denver-metro area you could choose. Find one that matches with your goals, issues, and personality. The #1 predictor of therapeutic success, is the therapist. That's why I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and a non-committal first session to get to know each other and make sure it will be a great fit.

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